What fundamental belief about yourself holds you back the most?
Like many, I am of self sabotage. As much as I aim to be self propelling or functionally perpetual, I continuously find that I have a knack for running in place. 
Is it because I am unworthy? Am I destined to be less than I aim to? Or is it simply that questioning myself created the possibility in my mind that I am able to fail in the first place.
Bingo! Imagine not even believing that you could fail at all? You would find it ridiculous that the idea of you not winning was ever even provided and consequently you would work, move, run, fight or create like you couldn’t NOT win. 
This is my issue. I know that I am capable but within the multiplicity of ideas that are conjured my brain daily, there lies the smallest freckle of doubt. Whether it is because of my past, my short comings, my lack of skill in any area or to be honest just as a fail safe to failure, these ideas have always been presenting in my mind. Thankfully though, and quite contrasting to this, I have been attuned to the idea that I am undoubtably great. This leaves me often in a place of stagnancy. I know I am capable yet there is the ever present possibility that I am not. 
Woah, what a problem right? I am sure I am not the only one with this conundrum in their brain but what can we do about it? First, I implore all creatives to think this deeply on a regular basis. It is because of my deep thought that I am both able to doubt and believe because I know the intricacies of each thought have. It’s literally the reason for writing these queries.
Secondly, finding the exact idea in your brain that affords doubt and having a 1 on 1 fight with it is pretty much that most epic and most direct path to beating it. Imagine you having a legendary duel with insecurity. And of course in my brain it would be in anime style and I would be doing ridiculously unnecessary moves to win this battle but what ever the fight looks like to you, have it. 
Ask yourself what idea in your brain is causing any type of limitation in your world and make that your primary focus. Because everything you do after destroying the idea of failure in your mind, will be a win. I guarantee it. 
Now I’m off to have the same battle. May the odds be forever in your favor….

                                                                                                                               With love, Miles Noah Lewis Paschall.

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