How do you confront the inevitability of death, and does it influence how you live?
           This question is so important that simply asking it changes the course of your life. Whether you answer it well or even at all doesn’t matter. What does is this epiphany that one will gain through pondering it; 
“Framing your mind to accept death creates the truest possibility of an intentional life”
Why? It’s because realizing that one day you wont be here affords the urge to do everything you want in life and accepting that it’s going to be ok removes the block of fear from your thought processes. 
It does seem strange however that it takes realizing death to appreciate life. But such is the divine balance of things. Confronting any surety in life makes decision making more cut and dry. I find that now I have a clearer vision on life, what docent matter to me matters less and what does is my primary objective and almost instinctually at that. Simply put;
“I have found more intention in life because I have confronted death and realized she is stronger."
Today I encourage you to think deeply on both life and death. Put no time limit towards understanding these ideas that are so evidently bigger than us, instead aim to find all knowledge and even more importantly, understand that this can never be achieved. It’s our pursuit towards understanding that unveils our possibilities and nothing, not even death, should stand-in the way of that. 
                                                                     With love, Miles Noah Lewis Paschall

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